7 Kinky Things Men Want

If you’ve had sex in every position imaginable and in every location possible, and yet would still like to keep the streamate flame burning by ensuring that your guy never knows what’s coming next when it comes to sex with you, it’s time you took a turn for the kinky.

Kinky sex consists of a host of things. As well, one man’s kinky is another’s run of the mill. So if you’re with the kind of girl who’s game for anything, it’s time for you to bring it. Of course, I’m working under the guise that you’re in a monogamous relationship and aren’t really interested in third (fourth or fifth) parties.

Here now, are various kinky things men want in bed and would love to have you to do to them.
Kinky things men want in bed #1
G-spot stimulation

No, not yours, his. The male g-spot is easy to locate and once you find it, you can bring your man to heights of pleasure he has never known before. Using a light massage with your lubricated fingers, rub the outside of his anus and slowly ease your way in ensuring that your palm is facing upwards.

Once your finger(s) is all the way in, make a “come hither” motion. At this point you will be stimulating his prostate. Bingo! Use your XLoveCam other hand to stroke his penis and your mouth to suck on it. The amalgamation of all these sensations will give him an earth-shattering orgasm he won’t soon forget.
Kinky things men want in bed #2
Anal sex

Yes, most women still aren’t inclined to give theirs man the key to the back door, and if you’re not ready, then don’t do it. An uncomfortable Jasmin Live woman makes for a very messy and potentially painful anal sex session.

But if you are game, get your lube out and tell your guy that tonight is the night for some back play. He can start out by massaging your anus with his fingers so that you can get used to the sensation and then slowly make his way inside with his rock hard penis (and you know it’ll be rock hard after all that play).
Kinky things men want in bed #3

Blindfolds, tethers, handcuffs... all these things are fun to try. You don’t have to bust out the diapers, chains and whips just yet. But the idea of submission and domination make sex all the better and kinkier.

You can try both; first, you take over and tie him to the bed, then slowly run a feather all over his body and seduce him at your whim. Give him oral sex and bring him to the brink, then stop and suck his nipples for a while. Or ride him until he’s about to explode, then get off of him and bring your face close to his penis, allowing your tongue to barely touch it. I have to warn you though, there’s a good chance he’ll explode so it’s up to you to decide what you want to do with his ejaculate.

Next, you can let him have his way with you. You will submit to his every whim and he can go from placing his fingers inside you until you squirt to rubbing his penis on your face and making you kiss and lick it.

Before you know it, the two of you will figure out which you enjoy being more (sub or dom) and these roles will turn your ordinary sex into something pleasurably painful.